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March 16, 2024

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Alone Song Detail

Song Title Alone
Singer(s) Juno Songs
Musician(s) Juno Songs
Lyricist(s) Juno Songs

[Lyrics of Alone by Juno Songs]

(Luigi hums the introduction)

Did you come here just to mock me?
I’m well aware that I have failed
Leave me be

Mario’s gone
And it’s all my fault
I wasn’t strong enough

To save him from cruel fate
And now I’m alone
Just outside his grave
Beyond the gates

I’m-a just a zero
Couldn’t save the kingdom’s hero
And my brotherly devotion
Couldn’t conquer all my fear
Oh I don’t know what I could say
To those whose hopes and dreams once laid
Upon the shoulders of my brother
Oh they must feel so betrayed
Why did I trust that letter?
I could have stopped this
Saved us all and
I know that it’d be better
If I were the one who had fallen

Now I’m here what’s done is done
The King of Boos has clearly won

Our kingdom’s doomed it’s all my fault
Luigi’s failed everyone
There’s always been a reason
That Luigi plays the second fiddle
Failures don’t deserve your pity
Not even a little

If I could turn back the clock
I wouldn’t let my cowardice rule my heart
But I can’t change the fact
That terror just tears love apart

Luigi why did you leave him?
Luigi turned tail in fear like always
Even in my weakness
Hopelessness and meekness
Mario still stood by my side still unfazed
I’m not him
My knees buckle ‘neath the weight
Of trying to support my brother;
With no questions asked he
Always lifted up my courage
Now just shards of green glass
How would he feel looking down
To see he’s wasted
All his time and effort on a worm defaced?

Oh I don’t deserve his forgiveness
My brother is lost in the void no thanks to me

Mario I’m so so sorry
I wish you were still beside me

I still repeat the moment that I lost you
I still repeat the final blow that cost you
I wasn’t strong enough
To stand my ground against my fear
To save my bro

I’d give anything to see you
I’d trade anything to free you
And I’d never ever doubt you
This would can’t go on without you
You deserve love and life
I’d give up mine
End the strife
But now you’re gone
Skies are gray
And I can hear what you’d say

Oh Mario
Where did you go?
Without you
I’m lost and alone
Where did you go?
I’m stranded
Lost and alone.)

Where did you go?

I miss you
My dear bro
(Oh Mario.)

I wish I wasn’t so worthless
Then maybe you’d still be here by my side
Mario I’m so so sorry
Why was I the one left to survive?

(Luigi hums most of the outro as well)

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