VVS Switch (Remix) Lyrics (English Translation) – Pressure 9X19

March 18, 2024

VVS Switch (Remix) Lyrics (English Translation) by Pressure 9X19, Anuel AA, YOVNGCHIMI is latest Spanish song voiced by them, its music is given by Young Pepo. Brand new lyrics of Vvs Switch (Remix) song is written by CDobleta, Luar La L, YOVNGCHIMI, Pressure 9X19, Anuel AA, Hades66. This is a popular song and people of USA love this track. If you find any mistake in it please don’t hesitate to send us correct lyrics using contact us section. It will help us to improve quality of our content.

VVS Switch (Remix) (English Translation) Song Detail

Song Title VVS Switch (Remix) (English Translation)
Singer(s) Pressure 9X19, Anuel AA, YOVNGCHIMI
Musician(s) Young Pepo
Lyricist(s) CDobleta, Luar La L, YOVNGCHIMI, Pressure 9X19, Anuel AA, Hades66

[Lyrics of VVS Switch (Remix) (English Translation) by Pressure 9X19]

Real until death, did you hear, ba*tard?
The AA
Rumor of war (Ah-ah) dead and flowers (Ah-ah)
They want to knock me down but I have a bullet and a g*n with a cojone (Brr; ah-ah-ah; a g*n with a cojone)
Rumor that it is war  (That it is war) R y 47 con tambore’ brr (Uah; haha!)
The R’s have a suppressor (Brr)
And I have bala’ con cojone’ (Balas con cojone’)

The Devil’ son of a b!tch
The Demon (Brr)

Call Russo, put VVS on the glopeta switch (Tell me Russo)
24 and 30 and in the pocket the comb ‘e tit (The comb ‘e tit)
The owners, the thugs, shoot those who don’t respect us (We have the Glizzy)
The 300 Blackout ba*tard can go through the door’ (Ah-ah-ah-ah; The Trans4merz son of a b!tch)
They are saints, they are not mostro’ ‘they are so bitten’ with us’ (Huelebi)
Blood for the cauldron when we erase your face (Do you understand?)
Ba*tard we raised the cost I have a devil in Philly in Boston (Los Diablo ah-ah)
Palo’ cuts’ and cart’ and the demons’ I invoke them (Kilos of gold; ah-ah)
I like that b!tch is formed, I like the reguero (The reguero)
The times they have come in I empty their entire combs (It’s on gang; gang-gang)
Tsunami on the wrist in the chain a downpour (A downpour)
The narcoartist ba*tard ‘toy mode Caro Quintero (Prr prr prr; Los Diablo’ son of a b!tch)
Ba*tard, I’m burning, we’ll light your AK on fire (Rrra-rra-rra; it’s on gang)
The case that they want wherever we turn it on’ (Glizzy Gvng LL son of a b!tch)
In music and in the street we come in and change their game (We erase their faces; gang-gang-gang)
Anyone who wants war is going to die, read the memo (Read the memo)

VVS en los switche’ (Tell me Pre; gang-gang-gang) los diablo’ estamo’ a switche’ (‘Tamo’ a switche; ah-ah)
Baguette’ on the buttons’ I went to the jeweler and spent the ticket (Ah-ah; ticket)
Dealing with the dead ‘bathing with his blood (With his blood)
Kitten michu michu take bug, are you hungry? (Here, bug, are you hungry?)

When I attack you with the undefeated that does not fail (With the undefeated)
I’m going to blow your face off and I’ll drink two shots of Tris (Las Glizzy motherfu*kers)
VVS on all the switches my n!gga we are on the switch
I love your b!tch now I’m picheco because I got drunk
Looking from the bleachers my minors are on the switch
Carjacking them without a glove hoping that he doesn’t sign me

The piece shines because of the diamond star like Ben Simmons (Tell him ba*tard)
Another thing for the pot like Pabon (Tell Pabon)
For the babies Victoria is no longer Avon pa-pa-couple of things I have (Barquilla)
They go to Philly without a discount, they go glued to the pavement (Mera zumba)
We put them to the test and they got stuck (You are boats)
Those who go to Monte Bello we send them saltijo in the G-Wagon (Rra-rra)
Pressure passes the mini dragon that this round we win’ (Ea mere Pressure)
She tells me to do it, I’ll do it (CDobleta)
We put them in the bunker there we exploit them (Three at a time)
From El Doble to Calimano son of a b!tch we don’t play (Here we don’t fail)
We steal the Kias, we’ll pass you by (for pork)
Ki-Ki-Kilogram’ 300 Spartan Blackout (Tell Me CHI)
Don dun-dun we finish you off’ (Hijueputa) in the mostro ‘tá my brother (Ah?)
And if he falls ‘prisoner in there, we’ll bite you’ (Los Ñeta)

V-VVS are the switche, the b!tches are switche (Hey, talk)
In the DR, a god of michi, now I really got into it (Los Diablo’)
Watching from the bleachers your boss is a snitch (Canto ‘e chota)
I’m going to get into the neighborhood and I’ll detonate the pitcher (‘Tá tumba’o)
Dealing with the dead, bathing in his blood (With a b!tch)
Kitten michu michu take bug, are you hungry?
When I attack you with Nintendo that does not fail (De las diabla’)
I’m going to fill you with broken things and I’ll drink two lines of Wock
Bre-Dealing with the dead ‘bathing with his blood (With his blood)
Kitten michu michu take bug, are you hungry? (He is hungry?)
When I bind you with the X that does not fail (Does not fail)
I’m going to fill you with broken things and I’ll drink two lines of lean

I’m already twenty dead
Ba*tard, I am the terror of the opposites’ (Of the opposites’)
A shot in the face if they don’t die they will be blinded’ (Brr-brr)
I inject your heads with the bullets of the calenco (Of the calenco)
I took off the pearl and it no longer hurts when I put it in (I put it in)
Michu michu kitten, are you hungry today? (Michu michu)
My bug in your mouth like the AK bullet is in the chamber (In the chamber)
I take out the fuleta if there is an issue (If there is an issue)
I gave them 100 thousand to kill him, 50 more if they shoot him a picture (Grab the dead man)
They send me the photo and we celebrate
In truth I’m not happy but if it wasn’t him he would be my brother (Aha)
I got into his song in a strange car (Brr brr)
I parked like a normal civilian two blocks later in front of the lighthouse
And I waited on the roof of his house with my rifle in hand (Brr)
He came from the jangueo and I gave him a big jump like Casiano (Ah?; brr)
Tar fills ‘e cap’ and VVS
I already retired Coscu and Tempo, tell me who is next (Haha!; did you hear bug-smelling? Ah!) ah?
Get on your knees, I’ll suck it and fu*k it, mommy, take care of yourself (Take care of yourself)
Bellaca she is going to come back because I made her squirt
The AA the king of trap, tell me who is Feid?
Lighting the Carbon on Chardón Avenue (Brr)
In the middle of a chase the Parthian patrol (Brr)
I empty Micky inside your smelly song
I have a million cash in the package AMIRI (Ah?)
‘Toy surrounded by a murderer’ like El Topo Marino and Chili (Only AK fuleta)
Moving device’ removing virao’ and chivato’ from the middle (Virao’ and chivato’)
Be quick with your Draco, if I catch you first, you ba*tard, I’ll kill you (Brr)
They said they were handsome and we killed one ba*tard and the other one came out as a toad (Lambón)
I have a couple of wh*res on the yacht riding in Icaco (In Icaco)
They call me Cheo Silva two thousand kilo’ on the dock under the boat (Cheo Silva)
I bought you a tiny little micro AK like Marco brr (Real to death, did you hear, ba*tard?; ah-ah)

Hey VVS on all the switches, I’m on the switch (Huelebicho)
With the stick in the bus even if this ba*tard signs me (Brr; wuh wuh wuh)
Larry Bird on the court Phil Jackson sat in the bleachers (Yes)
You’ snore like a bug and like 6ix9ine you’re a snitch (Hahaha, ah?)
Bre-Dealing with a dead man, bathing me in his blood (Hehe)
Kitten michu michu take bug, are you hungry?
When I tie you with the X that doesn’t fail (Brr; Make Money)
I’m going to fill you with broken things and I’ll drink two lines of lean

Chained up like YoungBoy (Huelebicho) I changed the weather like Floyd
I made the piece in England as Henry Royce (Brr)
You’re going to die for Lima like Alonso de Monroy (Alonsito)
Blood stained my Gucci like the Detroit logo
I don’t pay for a b!tch’ if I like it I go and crash it (I’m worth the b!tch’ this’)
Like a Taliban with the AK on the outside on the camel (Jumpazo)
I do sell the kilo’ I don’t give a damn I stamp them’ (Hehe oh)
Chingando fu*ks her, I spit on her and grab her by the neck (Bo)
Let the stripper move her ass (Wuh) Jack The Ripper cut their throats (Wuh wuh)
Do you want to sing ‘e b!tch? Come so I can unzip my zipper (Hehe, come on, come on)
What you are is a wh*re, not a Clippers angel (Mere)
Let him fill it with a cobweb to the hilt, like Parker Peter (Haha)
I’m an evil like Resident I shot them dead president (Brr brr)
The white guy flow Eminem (You know ‘ba*tard’) like a bug has syndrome
By voice he tells me: “Chíname” (Ha) at Christmas he wants a Jingle Bell
I gave Disney to Tinker Bell swimming like Michael Phelps (Wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh)
The Draco ‘is shining the 18 C shining (You know he’s shining)
They confiscated my pistol and I bought an R Carbon (The M Make Money)

Brega-Brega-Fregando with dead’ bathing me with his blood
Kitten michu michu take bug, are you hungry?
When I bind you with the X that does not fail
I’m going to fill you with broken things and I’ll drink two lines of lean (What?)

My diamonds VVS 1 if not baguette’ (Don’t use’ zirconia son of a b!tch) hehe
The quick one, when I press it, the Patek opens (Brr, what happened, ba*tard?)
I go with Chef cooking a la carte and we don’t lack them (Hehehe what?)
In my problems I go head on, I never championed ah (You already know)
Jump (Move) you’re in the middle and I’m going to run over you
I am art (You know who I am) the one who always paints the enamel red (Brr)
Bo jump (Move lambebicho) I’m penetrating you for the ring like Carter (What?)
Reload (No) we are going to light all the missing bullets (Ah)
Kitten meows michu michu (Heh) you can see that you want my bug (You want mommy)
No problem for me, that’s not an issue (No)
How much do you charge’? I’ll pay you for the feature (Take it)
Kitten michu michu take bichu, are you hungry? (son of a b!tch)
I have a rifle that when I fire it at torque it gives them cramps (Brr)
Keep yanking ‘baby they look like wire’ (Go on, go on)
I’m crazy and I’m not going to kill you if you die of hunger (Haha, what?)
‘You’re listening to three kilos’ of fenta in a chant (‘You’re very son of a b!tch)
The Michael Jordan of my generation I that you gardeo ba*tard (What?)
Hey, you know’ that I don’t fail baby Tre’ lyrics’

Bre-Bre-Bregando with the dead, bathing me with his blood (In the rituals, ba*tard)
Kitten michu michu take bug, are you hungry? (Hehe, take it, mommy)
When I attack you with the X that does not fail (Brr you died)
I’m going to erase your face and I’ll drink two lines of lean (so that I know)

My friend, a palero, tells me: “I want another dead man.”
I hunt them with one eye, I don’t fail, I’m not one-eyed (Brr)
I piss your grave, you ba*tard, I piss on your dreadlocks
I will kill your father wherever I find him
Don’t call to arrange a verse, I’ll crash you
I’m going to continue hunting with El Rubio and Ojo’ Bello’
‘So pending’ on the recipe El Cocinero supports me (Dime Pabón)
The one who does not fail with the 300 accurate
I like that b!tch is formed, I like the trail
Also empty the comb’ completely’ entire’

VVS on the switches’ my n!gga we’re on the switche
Diamond in the buttons’ now I really got hooked
Fighting with the dead, bathing me in their blood
Kitten michu michu take bug, are you hungry?
When I bind you with the X that does not fail
I’m going to fill you with broken things and I’ll drink two lines of lean

Empercocia’o, did you hear, ba*tard?
What happened ba*tard?
We are Los Diablo
Tre’ Letra’
Tell me Pressure
Mera tell me Pressure
The L
We turned on the glopeta in their heads, they died
*Make Money
The Octopus’ son ‘and the big wh*re*
Just tell me CHIMI
Did you hear bug smell?
The Devil’ ba*tard
The Trans4merz the Decepticons
Money Wayy Gang the bargain ‘e the Glizzy son of a b!tch
Money Wayy
Mera tell me Pressure
Tell me CHIMI
Tell me Hades
The artists bandido’ cabrone’
Tell me Yecko
The owner ‘the Metro Area
I walk with the Chef in the cauldron
Tell me Pabon
You know that we don’t let you see the recipe
Just tell me Chef
Tell me Chef
Don’t change the recipe that has the techies lining up like the zombies in the Michael Jackson video haha!
The owners’ ‘the thuggish
Tell me Pressure
Tell me Yecko
Tell me Pri
Tell me Nyxto
*Let Forensic pick you up
UBV Morovis*
Mera tell me Luar brr
Don’t go to the street because we are on the road
Tell me Hades
*Son’ and the big b!tch
Tell me Pressure
Or does he want you to die tomorrow?*
Mera tell me CDoleta
Yeah (Brr)
The motherfu*kers, did you hear, ba*tard?
Fantasize to me so that you can see that we are going to turn on the 47 with the drums and get hooked
Real until death, did you hear, ba*tard?
The Devil’ ba*tard you’ know
The ones you copy

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