May 19, 2023

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Whatwhat Song Detail

Song Title Whatwhat
Singer(s) $
Musician(s) $
Lyricist(s) $

[Lyrics of Whatwhat by $]

You did good
It’s a smash!
Pla pla pla players never die

M m m motherf*ckers that you claim you know it’s cut throat
In the grave hoe stay the f*ck away
Glock tucked in my side

Pull up like I’m triple H
Any motherf*cking time any motherf*cking day
Demons all around me and they begging for a f*cking tape
Same shit different day
Playing with the K
Nor northside eastern block
Where the f*ck I stay
Still I’m creeping in the cut
Remake sick as f*ck

B b breaking bad if you’re f*cking with the devil in me
Have you ever seen a demon pull up with mercedes
Most hated underrated
You know grey the clique
Straight to hell and clear the motherf*cking pit

Uh uh uh uh uh
Better stay away
Uh uh uh uh uh
Better stay away
Uh uh uh uh uh
Stay the f*ck away
Uh uh uh uh uh
Stay the f*ck away

I just popped a perc I just popped a xan uh uh
See this bag of dope that’s a hundred gram uh uh
Sell a bitch some hope f*ck her hit the dash uh uh
Looking for some love holla at your mans uh uh
Fo for the heron I’m a dog pavlov
I I if you know it’s personal when the mask off
L leave his body on display like it’s half off
Scam the game call me bernie mad dog
Glock out cock out
Tell the world suck my dick
Sam “wetto” hyde cause I always get away with it
Three fingers high five nine
What the f*ck it is
Three fingers high bitch I’m grey till the f*ckin’ end

Aye aye aye
Bl bl bl blanco never shooting blanks
Load one in the chamber with your name on ’em
Blanco pull the rein captain of the grey
Plotting in a f*cking tank east bank
Got my blade sharpened cause
Either way I’ma play retarded
Aye why all these opps on my block huh? huh
Pull out the chop like a mop bruh aye
Aye street sweeping like it’s mardi gras
Litter up the street with a bunch of bloody body parts
Banging on them 30s got them 30s in my glovebox
Cops pulled me over they about to get their mouths popped
Cherry lemonade type a stain pull up in the range
Let it f*cking rain like a bitch who loves to

Uh uh uh uh
Leave me the f*ck alone
Uh uh uh uh
Leave me the f*ck alone
Uh uh uh uh
Leave me the f*ck alone
Uh uh uh uh
Leave me the f*ck alone

Grey step I’m repping the five nine
All of my partners for lifeline

Gang with me whole gang with me
I got in the street
Bang semi auto bit I’m hanging out the f*cking
Never sleep drinking off the rocks
Blanco play for keeps
Real life drug addict
Come downs always f*cking sleep
Never sleep I know that the reaper waiting for me
I know that he patient see his reflection when I’m pouring up
Codeine in the cup double it up
Now I’m f*cked
I might not wake up uzi tucked next to my .40
Southside of the lake yeah I’m on the 7th ward
All these pills I take ’em bitch there ain’t no f*cking hoarding
I got two phones shawty tryna hit me on my other line
Shawty looking fine let me call her back another time
Dollar sign might f*ck her mouth while I break her spine
Pulled out just in time I can’t let her have my f*cking slime

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