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March 10, 2024

To Liberty and Beyond Lyrics by JT Music is latest English song voiced by him, its music is given by Skullkruncher13. Brand new lyrics of To Liberty And Beyond song is written by Skullkruncher13. This is a popular song and people of USA love this track. If you find any mistake in it please don’t hesitate to send us correct lyrics using contact us section. It will help us to improve quality of our content.

To Liberty and Beyond Song Detail

Song Title To Liberty and Beyond
Singer(s) JT Music
Musician(s) Skullkruncher13
Lyricist(s) Skullkruncher13

[Lyrics of To Liberty and Beyond by JT Music]

Come join the fight defending life and freedom
Democracy will always be your guide
Everyone hold the line enlist with the elitest
When fires ignite it’s fire we’ll fight with fire – it’s time to dive

Dive right into hell my paradise fell
Battle-ready from the drop brought the shock for your shell

Fanatically democratic hid the fascism well
In the name of Liverty I’ll put a crack in the bell
You know freedom ain’t free it’s a package we sell
Seal it with a deep sleep in a freezable cell
Even after defrosting I feel zero chill
Ressurected piece of meat get some heat on the grill
They’ll put me through the mill with no clean bill of health
I can barely keep my feet underneath of myself
Future looking pretty bleak doesn’t seem very swell
But you see that’s a secret we keep from ourselves
Citizens who will succeed us exceed us in wealth
But the peace that we preach is to be never felt
Bleeding for corporate greed every beast here will smell it
I fear not for my safety or anybody else’s

To live another day I know I never will
I am a throwaway another friendly kill
But that’s the price you pay when you’re expendable
‘Till I went MIA I was dependable
What is a constitution if illegible?
Amendment number two is unamendable
To live another day none of us ever will
But if you sign your name maybe your legend will

Oh goddammit!

Im sorry mate that was a mine (Wasn’t mine)
At least I can pick up what you left behind (OK yes it was mine)
Nobody grieve we don’t have any time
This might as well be Costco with all the samples to find!
I’ll level every landscape as if I’ve ironed it
Then I’m dishing out handshakes with an iron fist
Not every hero wears a cape but the best ones do
None of whom are less than equal except for a few
But the budget must’ve been cut with the costume I’ve picked
‘Cause thanks to my tailor I’m swiftly covered in ick
All that I wanted was a blockbuster life as a kid
And if you think an action movie made me violent – it did!
A moment of silence for the divers at Malevelon Creek
Not that it’s a loss motherfu*kers were weak
Call in more guys dropping supplies
I got my Dawn of Destruction in the skies
So when I rise it is to the occasion
Stand up for freedom and for the ovation
Oh you got a problem with dogma or propaganda you say?
Listen to Liberty which we are all free to obey!

To live another day I know I never will
I am a throwaway another friendly kill
We are democracy not individuals
Nothing will come between we’re indivisible
To win a war will cost a lot of stratagem
What is an underdog? Something I never been
To live another day none of us ever will
Just sign your life away and maybe your legend will

Lift yourself up with the Liberty flag
Because Liberty’s not something that can be dragged
Only Liberty dropped will be Liber-teabags
If you give us your subscription get a free mag!
Duty first: Super Earth I’ve been named her savior
While I’m eradicating any trace of traitors
There’s a lot more bark to these bugs than bite
The only program a robot should run is flight
Whoever said I run my country like a cult? I might
You’ll never notice how progressively I’ve altered rights
I might be a space cadet but I’m based as hell
I’ll make the founding fathers of my Super Nation proud

To live another day I know I never will
I am a throwaway another friendly kill
Give us your best salute and through the war we bond
We are ascending to Liberty and Beyond
We love our government no one is critical
If anybody is they are dismissible
To live another day none of us ever will
But if you sign your name maybe your legend will

Remember citizens working together is the only way to enforce freedom to Liberty and Beyond!

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